Polymeric Composites Laboratory

GloCal Network Corporation lab houses not only the office and research space of GloCal, but all of the equipment that the Polymeric Composites Laboratory once held at the University of Washington. Currently we are undergoing refitting and hooking up of our prepregging and testing facilities as well as our state-of-the-art thermal analysis capabilities. We currently operate training programs with several universities for composites and materials analysis, and enjoy the business relationships that the PCL carried with it after many years of operation.

Remembering the Past Exploring the Future

November 3rd, 2010 | Athens, Greece

March 15th, 2011 | Seattle, WA

September, 2011 | France | Exact Place and Date To Be Announced

November, 2011 | Japan | Exact Place and Date To Be Announced

Here are some pictures from our previous courses:

Training Courses

We also organize workshops, lab tours and training courses on composite materials, manufacturing, processing, mechanical testing and thermal analysis.

Here are some pictures from our previous courses:

Mechanical Testing Capability

  • Instron 4505 ( Control System 4500 )
  • Instron Model 1350 ( Control System 8500 )
  • Environmental Chamber

Thermal Analysis Capability

  • Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer: TA Hi-Res TGA 2950
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter TA DSC 2910 (includes MDSC-Modulated DSC) and TA DSC 910
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer: TA 2980, Seiko 6100 SII
  • Thermal Mechanical Analyzer: TA 2940
  • Simultaneous: TA SDT 2960
  • Dielectric Analyzer (DEA): TA DEA 2970
  • Rheology: Carrimed CSL 100

Microscopy Capabilities

  • Optical Microscopy: Nikon AFX-11 / Infrared
  • Atomic Force Microscopy / Scanning Thermal Microscopy: TA micro-TA

Processing Capabilities

  • Prepregging: California Graphite Machines 12 inch and Custom Made 3 inch
  • VARTM: Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding / Temperature Controller by Heatcon
  • RTM: Resin Transfer Molding / Tetrahedron Hydraulic Press
  • Autoclave Cure: Lipton Autoclaves
  • Heatcon's Repairclave ( read more here)

Environmental / Conditioning

  • Environmental Chamber / Tube Furnace
  • Flammability Equipment
  • Biofuels Processor

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