In keeping with our academic legacy, GloCal continues to offer a world-class internship program for International Business, Engineering and hybrid Business/Engineering curricula.This is offered on a for-credit basis through your own institution and/or outside accredited universities.

As an intern you can:

  • Gain an understanding of biofuels production, research and commercialization.
  • Gain an understanding of composite materials.
  • Have access to a full scientific laboratory.
  • Meet with local executives in the biofuels industry, global venture fund administrators and scientists pioneering the field of alternative energy.
  • Be part of a revolution to change our economy, way of life and geopolitical make-up.
  • Learn about operating an ASTM standard biodiesel processor, vegetable oil and feedstock management, and thermal analysis of biofuels.

Please see our website and submit your application letters to Kazui Takahashi-Jimenez or call 206 285 8600 for more information.

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