Heatcon Composite Systems - GloCal Cooperation

August 28th, 2008 | Seattle, WA

Thanks to the on-growing cooperation with Heatcon Composite Systems, a new module has been added to GloCal's laboratory. A Repair Clave, designed and manufactured by Heatcon, was delivered to our facility on Thursday, August 28th 2008. This clave is a semi-portable, pressure vessel, designed to provide controlled temperature, vacuum and pressure for repair of composite and metal-bonded parts that require higher pressures than can be achieved by vacuum only. It works in similar manner as an AutoClave, the only difference is that the heat is applied through heat blankets.

Read more about the Repairclave on Heatcon's website here.

Here are some pictures of the delivery from Heatcon to Glocal's facilities:

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