Resident Enterpreneurial Activities

Our focus this year on resident enterpeneurs was very successful

Dr. Andrew Aprikyan having received his first S.B.I.R. on applied Nanotechnology to modify STEM cells with nanoperticles and CloCal acting as an incubator. He continues his involvement with us through both his company STEMGENICS and having created a division of health sciences in F.R.E.E.D.O.M.

Dr. Vassilis Drakonakis received his Ph.D from University of Texas at Arlington. His research was performed through P.C.L. Currently in practical training as resident enterpreneur, he is working in establishing an independent laboratory in Cyprus focusing on composites design, manufacturing and performance that will collaborate with European and US universities, and independent research institutes

Tyler Seamons joined Polymeric Composites Laboratory as an intern from Brigham Young University in Idaho working and learning about Composites Design and Manufacturing. He has produced the first high performance composite frisbee that is being commercialized.

Glenn Solver a Philippino high school student, attended the summer program at Northwest school coming from Greece interested in exploring college and studies opportunities in the US. The art class of the school was hosted at P.C.L. on Glenn's inititative.

Victor Brito having completed his M.B.A. at Duke University and currently on practical training at GloCal as resident enterpreneur arranged the visit and exposure to composites of 14 fellow Brazilian students in P.C.L. He is currently leading the development of several ventures while also exploring the use of crowd funding.

Dr. Chris Velisaris continues to work and develop C.S.T and S.E.F.K.O. group activities across Europe and Asia in addition to focusing on the development of IP in partnership with Intellectual Ventures, a new member of our P.C.L consortium.

GloCal Network

GloCal Network Corporation harnesses the BEDR Network through 6 profit and 4 non-profit organizations in 4 different continents.Our profit structure is present as follows:
USA: GloCal Network Corporation (Delaware/ Seattle), Composite Systems Technology (Seattle/ Washington DC), Sefko LLC (Seattle)
GREECE: GIVE Fund, GloCal Systems Management (GSM), Sefko (Athens)
IRELAND: Scaled Systems Technology (Dublin)
FINLAND: Sefko Oy (Helsinki)

Our non-profit structure is organized as follows:
USA: F.R.E.E.D.O.M (Foundation for Research Experiential Educational Developmental Operational Management)
GREECE: A.C.I.C (Archimedes Center for Innovation and Creation)
FRANCE: P.A.I (Process Administration Institute)
JAPAN: A.G.L.O.C.A.L.P.(Academy of GloCal Processes)


We are experimenting in the Laboratory Storefront the establishment of the nanostore, where products, including art, related to nanotechnology can be purchased by the public. At the same time in the main section of our laboratory, research utilizing nanotechnology for polymeric composite materials is in full force.

Biodiesel Initiative

The Biodiesel Processor has been transfered to the University of Delaware and to the Demokritus National Research Center of Greece for reevaluation and new technology insertion.

Please read more about our Biodiesel Processor here and also watch our YouTube movies.

Towards the dissemination of the research developped in Polymeric Composites Laboratory and through the strong academic network which PCL supports, the biodiesel procesor has been shipped to University of Delaware for leveraging their research in biofuels

More information about this project can be found here

A University of Delaware bus is running on biodiesel

Thesaurus Prime Virgin Olive Oil

Nestled in the northeast of the Peloponnese is the region of Fournovouni, Krinidi-Argolida, where the cultivation of the olive tree began over 3,500 years ago. The pristine property of Susan Corcos and James Seferis is located in the heart of this region; 30 acres of south-facing land at an altitude of 150 m, planted with more than 1,000 olive trees; most of them over one hundred years old, all of the Manaki variety.

Please read more about Thesaurus here and fell free to place an order.

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